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Esports Gaming: A Closer Look At the Diversity of Professional Players

The world of esports gaming has evolved as today there are loads of esports players out there. It is not fully clear as to how many professional esports players are out there today but it is known that the industry is certainly growing.

There are at least 200 million esports players but there are fewer of them who are professionals. These people are coming from all corners of the world.

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What Countries are into Esports Gaming?

It is estimated by the E-Sports Earnings website that the United States is the most prominent country in the world in terms of professional esports players. There are at at least 8,300 registered professional players from the United States.

Esports is especially growing in China, South Korea, Russia, United Kingdom and Sweden. At least 1,500 players are found in each of these countries.
The Chinese players have been more successful than Americans though. It is believed that Chinese players have earned about $53 million in esports gaming activities. This comes out favourably versus the $50 million Americans have earned.

How Old Are These Players?

The Electronic Entertainment Design and Research firm states that the average age of professional esports gaming competitors is lower than what many might think. The average age is around 33. Dota 2 players are the youngest on average at around 25. This finding from EEDAR suggests that the players who compete are typically older than what many might assume.

It is not unusual for the players on some of the more advanced and experienced teams to be younger. Many top-rated teams have players who are around 25 years of age. There has been cases where people as young as 14 or 15 years of age get into esports teams. However, this is more likely to occur in Asia than it is in North America.

The makers of League of Legends even reports that a large number of competitors in this game retire from professional competition in their mid-20s. This suggests that the EEDAR report might focus on some other lesser-popular esports games although it’s still a fascinating topic with exploring in its own right.

What About Gender?

It is true that the esports industry is dominated by men. That does not mean that women are not welcome. If anything, more women are getting into professional esports competitions than ever before.

The same EEDAR report says that around 70 percent of all competitors in the esports world are male. The number of women in esports has been increasing in time with Call of Duty and League of Legends having the most noteworthy growths. Nearly a third of all competitors in those two games are women with the number expected to increase in the future.

These statistics show that there is certainly a sense of diversity in today’s professional esports world. There are more competitors from around the world than ever before. The variety of people in esports is also vast in that people of all ages are competing. With news of eSports added to the Olympic Roster in 2022, the future looks bright for the esports gaming world..



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