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Choosing a Binary Options Signals Provider

Since Binary Options became a recognized and legal part of an investment portfolio back in 2007, the world of binary options trading has exploded. What was once the preserve of financial institutions and professional investors, is now open to anyone with an internet connection.

The simplicity of making a a trade – just yes or no type investment decisions, means that you do not have to be a George Soros to profit from the financial markets. With returns up to 80% easily obtainable in just a matter of minutes, more and more people are trying their hand at binary options trading.

The increase in the number of active traders in Binary Options has also meant in an increase in the number of Binary Options Brokers and the number of Binary Options service providers. Getting started in trading will mean choosing the right broker, reading up on the investing news and possibly even choosing a binary options signals provider.


Here is what to look for in choosing a binary options signals provider:

How are Binary Options Signals Sent?

Signals can come in many forms. They can be emailed, sent via sms, or an alert on either a phone or a desktop. How they are sent is important, because in most cases the signals are time sensitive. You have to decide what is the most convenient and quickest method for you to trade the signals successfully

What Binary Options Signals are Sent?

Binary options have expiry times. If you receiving binary options signals with five minute expiry times, then you better make sure you have the ability to trade them fast. Also, it is important that the signals are sent are on commonly traded assets. Receiving signals on exotic assets which very few brokers offer is not ideal.

When are Binary Options Signals Sent?

Another important factor often overlooked. If the signals are not automatically traded for you on the platform, then you have to consider when you can trade. The timing and frequency of the signals sent has to match up with your time schedule.

Is There Proof From the Binary Options Signals Provider?

Any self respecting Binary Options Signals Provider will provide some sort of verifiable proof as to their success or failure. Make sure you do your research. If there is any trial period, then take it. When choosing a binary options signals provider, always go into it cautiously. Many times Binary Options Signals Providers will make wild claims of success rates that seem too good to be true. In most cases they ARE too good to be true.

Check Their Reputation

There is no shortage of online forums or facebook groups where you can check the reputation of many providers. Again, invest some time to do your research and see if the success rates claims are substantiated.


Getting signals can be an expensive outlay. However, getting successful binary options signals can mean huge profits. Signals can cost anywhere between $0 – $1000 a month. Decide your budget and choose accordingly.



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